We Value Time

ICCS Express L.L.C. is courier company with operations between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Dubai, U.A.E. for more than six years. We are located at Al Baraha, Deira, Dubai, U.A.E., a place where most of Ethiopian communities are located to give them an easy access.

ICCS Express was built by Ethiopian Businessmen who understand how every second counts. Aiming to be of service to our fellow countrymen, we are committing ourselves to understand each and every single courier needs and requirements our current and future clients have.

Innovation is in our view and we are doing that by listening to what customers has to say. Our team composed of well-driven individuals are creating endless improvements for our customers' benefits.

Dubai - Addis Ababa courier destination is just a starting point, we are ready to provide service to Djibouti, South Sudan, China and Washington D.C.

ICCS Express Motto

"We value time."

Points of Views:

In business, accuracy is important. Details should be checked carefully.
Being in a customer service business, you have to put yourself on the customer's shoes to understand their needs.
Good can be better, better can be best! Do not stop improving!
Customers first!

Our Vision

ICCS Express understands that each of us has a certain standard when it comes to the services we are about to receive. Most of us are busy people working around the clock and maximizing all the resources we have just to cope with whatever needs we have. There are those who are very detailed in each and everything they do and those that the only thing they can acccept is perfection.

We are of different kinds even if we grew up from the same culture. Our level of satisfaction differs from one another. ICCS Express is fully aware of that and because we are also people of high expectations, we are committing ourselves to be of service to you at your level of satisfaction.

ICCS Express is aiming to build a good relationship to you and your respective company. We are considering our clients as partners, taking care of their business as if it is our own by providing the excelent courier service that values time.

Accuracy is part of the efficiency most of us needs. We don't want to waste our time and energy calling up again and again for followups and corrections. We have established an operational procedure to ensure that your shipments are delivered to the right person at a right time!

Flybridge Executive Services

Flybridge Executive Services is a courier agent based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that receives and distributes the shipments ICCS Express is sending from Dubai, U.A.E. Located conveniently at New Bright Tower, Bole Sub City Kebele, Addis Ababa Airport is just around the corner.

Not to mention the experienced and knowledgeable staff, shipments will be processed accordingly and safely. Their custons clearing agent is always ready to help you with any inquiries regarding Customs clearing procedures and any other things concerning the shipments.

Willing to work during Sundays and Holidays to meet your requirements and a guaranteed courier deliveries at your respective location anywhere in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.